We offer a broad portfolio of advisory services to support our clients in the phases of growth, transformation or other critical phases. We help customers make each phase of their life cycle a success and transform change into opportunities for value creation.

Corporate strategy

We support our clients in their strategic medium to long-term decisions, in order to add value to the business and to assist both the investors and industrial partners in the management and/or acquisition of their assets.

Management consulting

We provide strategic support to the top management by offering know-how and tailored solutions for the development and reorganisation of their company, in order to enhance competitive advantage in their market.

Corporate governance

We support our client in designing the best governance to support the growth and to protects the interests of the different stakeholders, while establishing the right competencies for value creation in the medium to long term.

Extraordinary corporate transactions and restructuring

We help our customers in identifying the right opportunities for M&A, always paying attention to the proper balancing between equity and debt, to the alignment to their corporate strategy; we also support our clients in debt restructuring.


We support our clients in business development and profitable growth in foreign markets, including the identification of potential partners, best practices and competitive operational models to seize the best market opportunities.

Innovation and diversification

We support our customers in developing technological and cutting edge products and services, including the digital transformation and the open innovation.