About us

Investor Advisors is an independent financial boutique, born out of the experience of their founders in the field of M&A, advisory and business management. We support and partner with entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises and private equity investors in planning and executing corporate transactions and projects. Our aim is to help our customers to seize new opportunities and supporting them to reach their goals.

Our values

Investor Advisors operates in an ever-changing, increasingly complex and competitive global context where small and medium-sized enterprises are forced to overcome the challenges imposed by the globalization process. We aim to add value throughout their entire business cycle of our customers, providing them an extensive experience and knowledge to assist them across their strategic decisions, such as growth by acquisitions, raising capital, business development, and/or restructuring.
We work with our customers to build long-lasting professional relationships, with a fair and transparent approach.
Leveraging on our strong network with the Italian business environment, our proven experience in finance and business management, our solid analytical skills, we are able to offer a complete and tailored assistance to serve our customers.


Our team has strong integrated multidisciplinary skills in the area of M&A, strategic and financial consultancy and business management. We combine solid technical background with significant operational experience and in-depth knowledge of both the territorial dynamics and the different industrial sectors.
All team members work actively in each project and are guided by a reference partner. In case of specific needs, we can be supported by our selected external professionals with proven track records, strong experience and reputation.

Shareholders structure

Investor Advisors S.p.A. is a joint stock company, with share capital of € 1.100.000, with the following structure:

1. The majority of the shares issued (around 70% out of the total) is in the hands of italian groups of undertakings, among which the Casillo Group

2. Our Investor Advisors management team, holding 30% of the shares, with strong proven experience in scouting and execution of M&A deal, corporate strategy and management consulting